Morson'sPelican Landing

"My party took several large bodied bucks over 200 lbs., one true trophy animal dressed out at 246 lbs., with 12-point headgear scoring over 140 point BC green.  The two guys that did not take a deer, did so after passing up shots at bucks that would be considered a prize in many parts of the States.  In addition to the great deer hunting, we also had excellent waterfowl hunting for both divers and puddle ducks - limits were easily obtained.  The chef at the lodge prepared some of the ducks as appetizers, allowing us to savour the fruits of our 'labor' - what a treat!  In addition to the superb waterfowl hunting, we also enjoying a couple of afternoons grouse hunting.  The grouse also found its way to our dinner table in a most scrumptious manner! 
All in all, our first hunt with Pelican Landing will stay for us for many years - perhaps a lifetime.  My party was so satisfied, before we left, we booked our hunt for next year" Keith A., Phoenix, MD

Sometimes the first or second day of a hunt is the best.  But, don't worry we won't leave you sitting around a cabin all day with nothing to do if you tag out early (unless, of course, you just want to relax).  We will do our best to offer you another experience.

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